Month: January 2017

Top Trend of Big Data

Top Trend of Big Data

Risk and regulatory data management continue to be the top big data platform priorities. Growth and customer-centric activities sit atop the list of corporate strategies, and there will be firms that can link those strategies to big data. Regardless of whether your IT Consulting Company is an advanced data-driven firm or not, the evolving nature of regulations and the monster challenge to aggregate risk and move towards predictive analytics is still a ways off, yet it’s still a requirement and acknowledged benefit at the C-suite level. Unless heaven opens and regulators ease up on their requirements, risk and regulatory data managements will still be the major challenges for IT Consulting Company.

Graph technology trends higher:  Graph databases are already getting increased attention from technology vendors and users alike because of their ability to map relationships between different data elements for more insightful analytics in applications that fit the graph model. Some software vendors predicted that graph technology will become a central component of all database platforms as part of the big data future. Graph analytics could also aid in basic data management functions, such as metadata management.

Data governance to step forward — maybe.  Calls for stronger data governance processes have accompanied the increasing role of IT Consulting Company and analytics applications in driving business decision making, especially with big data environments expanding the amount and types of data that organizations are collecting and using across a larger set of systems. Some of the conference attendees predicted that data governance will finally become a more central focus in many IT Consulting Company over the next 12 months.

Search Engine Optimization Trends: 

The industry, and ‘bigger picture’ trends have become relatively easy to identify as the SEO world becomes more established – increased awareness of SEO in general being the first major trend. Search engine optimization used to be an exclusive world, with only those practicing it really knowing what it entailed and how it boosted a website’s visitor stats. Now, most people know what it means, and most business owners are aware of just how important the Internet is and how SEO can help them gain more customers.

Drowning in Data:

The Internet of Things and rapid uptake of mobile technology, social media and cloud computing means that there is an incredible amount of information fed back to any IT Consulting Company. Any interaction whether research, social, entertainment or purchasing leaves a digital trail. Smart marketers have always known that this data can provide information that can be used to identify markets and buying signals. Unfortunately these data has now been coined as Big Data and companies are now drowning in data and information. Fortunately other companies are springing up with analytical tools and software intelligence systems to dig deep into this Big Data and pull out the required information.

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