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Importance of Cloud Computing During Disasters

Posted on September 25, 2017 at 1:45 pm

Importance of Cloud Computing During Disasters

Cloud computing is becoming the only route for businesses seeking to secure and protect confidential and non-confidential data. Cloud computing has been through some processes. Initially, few people saw the potentials in cloud computing. Now, more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft’s cloud computing service. The major fear about cloud computing is security. Cybersecurity is getting tougher every day. Yet, cloud computing hasn’t had a notable security or data breach.

As noted above, cloud computing is well immune against cybercrime. However, there is a belief that it might not be safe from disasters both natural and man-made. For instance, man-made disasters like the 9/11 attack, natural disasters like Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Sandy were shocking pointers to how disasters can shape the growth and utility of Cloud computing. In addition to the Texas Flood, experts have predicted that the month of October is likely to witness five major tropical storms. These are challenging times for business owners especially small businesses. While there are benefits of Cloud computing to businesses, here are some of the biggest importance of cloud computing particularly during disasters either natural or man-made.

1. Accessibility 

One of the most enterprising importance of cloud computing is the ability to access data from any location and any device. With cloud computing, you can easily retrieve your data without hitch. This gives you less worry during disasters because you can resurrect your business without losing any bit of data even if all office files are lost.

2. It saves you time

Time is more valuable than money, all top businessmen know this. Business organisations seek to make money while not over-spending time on tasks. Disasters are very bad for businesses, no doubt. But, operations still have to be run smoothly with great attention to time. With cloud computing, data can be accessed, organised and transferred even when orthodox office files are missing. Therefore, disasters won’t cause huge damage to the speed at which organisations respond to crises, and interaction among staff members will still stay intact.

3. Cloud Computing Service Providers Create Disaster-Immune Systems 

The truth is that cloud computing firms provide more than data storage. The more important element of their service is security. That’s the major reason why Fortune 500 companies trust cloud computing servers. Cloud computing firms have put in place measures and data centres whereby even if a data centre is destroyed by hurricane or hacked into, other data centres will provide back up to the information or data stored. There’s a huge army of back up data centres.

4. It Protects Reputation 

IT consults like Eagle give broad benefits to businesses that are not even highlighted in many articles. For instance, the 9/11 attack was so unprecedented that many organisations didn’t foresee something that massive happening. Many businesses never rose up from that incidence. Finance and Insurance companies who didn’t outsource the database of their customers would suffer from a loss of data, thereby giving them a bad reputation to start all over again. And when customer confidence is lost, regaining it is very difficult.

Ensure that cloud technologies act as a catalyst for change for your business and they contain costs, reduce complexity, and transfuse agility through cloud applications and platform.

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