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Most frequently asked question on Word Press Template vs. HTML. Which is better for SEO?

Posted on August 1, 2016 at 2:38 pm

Most consultants like to use Word Press template, because, they want to take the easy way out.  They like to use a free or low cost templates in creating a website instead of Word Press for their clients.  The reason for this is because most of the time the consultants are pressed for time and also they have to please their inpatient clients who are short of time and they don’t have enough budget to do a full pledge HTML website.

There is nothing wrong is using a template. However, if you have no time or you do not know how to optimize the site for SEO you have major problems. Google, the mother of all crawlers, is always changing their internal algorithms. Instead of trying to figure out how they crawl, your site must be designed in a proper manner using all best use practices.

If your site requires constant updates,  by all means use WP or Joomla or similar CMS templates. Using a template will make your life easier, both for the coder and for the client, but it does not necessary relieve you from setting up the right website. Again if your visitors know your web address and they do not search for you over the internet, and if you don’t care about SEO and people finding you organically on the web, then it does not matter.  This matters only if you want to grow your business organically and be found on the search engines and make your site SEO ready.

If your site is not a destination site and you do need help to grow your site organically than most definitely you need an IT consultant who knows what they are doing to set this for you the right way. If you are or your IT consultant is writing in HTML, using all necessary words from and for your site to be found on the net, and you do not need much editing of your site on a regular basis – you are on right track than you should stay with static html site.

Note– good looking site is not necessarily a search engine optimized site.  More often than not, good looking sites do not use best practices for SEO, as they are concentrating more on looks then the practical aspect of the site.  Most customers also push limits of the artwork while spending most of the budget in re-designing the artwork rather than writing the code.

As the Word Press other CMS’ are written mostly for the large audience to make their life easier, they can’t obviously make it right for everyone or for your specific niche site. You don’t need a programmer, you just need a web seasoned professional who knows the quirks of the SEO and HTML to make a responsible site which can be friendly for the search engines.

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