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Marketing SEO

Develop Web Site with pure HTML by planning and executing design, maintaining and upgrading services.

Web Site Designer Skills and Qualifications:

Web Graphic Design, Web Savvy, Planning, Web User Interface Design, Web Programming Skills, Teamwork, Illustration Tools, Multimedia Content Development, Understanding Browser Capabilities, Internet Presence, Verbal Communication

Education qualifications:

  • BS or MS degree in computer Science or BS/MS in Information Technology With Web Design concentration
  • Knowledge of programming, database Management, Mathematics, Web Design and networking, Graphic Designer, Work experience and some certifications.

Programming Languages:

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, jQuery, Node.js, Responsive Design, Heroku, GIt, User Authentication, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB and more

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Website Designer

Developer / DevOps Engineer with experience in automation, scripting, infrastructure monitoring, and continuous integration processes with PHP experience and strong LAMP stack skills with knowledge of WordPress.

Our ideal candidate is a web programmer/engineer who strives to master multiple languages and platforms, intuitively understands the power of the cloud, and wants to design and implement robust infrastructure solutions and reliable applications.

Your responsibilities would include:

  • Designing, maintaining, troubleshooting and refining an Amazon Web Services (AWS)–based architecture for migrating and hosting various clients.
  • Creating and Managing a fleet of virtual Linux servers, databases, storage buckets, load balancers, network interfaces, and other infrastructure building blocks to ensure uptime and security.
  • Planning and implementing an automated infrastructure for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes.

To fulfill those responsibilities, we’re seeking someone with the following qualifications:

  • Expert-level knowledge of PHP and SQL
  • Significant experience with Amazon Web Services, especially EC2, RDS, S3, CloudFormation, SNS, IAM, ELB/AutoScaling, CloudWatch, ElastiCache, and ElastiSearch.
  • Strong Linux command line and Bash scripting skills; clear understanding of SSH security and credentials management.
  • Knowledge of SQL and experience managing large MySQL/MongoDB databases in a production environment.
  • AWS Certification as an Associate or Professional Solutions Architect is highly desired.
  • Experience designing and building web application environments on AWS
  • Strong understanding and knowledge of AWS Services (EC2, Network, ELB, S3/EBS, etc.)
  • Experience with scripting languages such as PHP, Pearl, PowerShell, and Python.
  • Experience with Agile development methodologies and implementing them to AWS DevOps practices
  • Experience in design, planning and migration to AWS is a MUST
  • Strong knowledge of all AWS technologies and Services
  • Experience with backups, restores and recovery models
  • Knowledge of High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) options in AWS
  • Must possess good documentation skills (creating KBs, runbooks, topology etc.)
  • Strong background in Linux/Unix/Windows Administration

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